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Kids (or 'Pediatric') Dentistry can be friendly, gentle, and yes, even fun! When you teach your kid good oral habits, both parent and child will benefit a life-time. Give us a call, or fill out the online form and get ready to smile. See you soon!
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Can a dentist-visit be fun? We dare to say: Yes it can!

Let’s be honest… Making a trip to the dentist sound like fun is not easy. (But it's certainly possible!)

Are you looking for a pediatric (kids) dentist in Calgary NE or NW? Pediatric dentists Dr. Cameron Zealand and Dr. Rory Vinsky at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, provide kids dentistry services that:

  • Teaches kids about good dental habits
  • Helps parents to keep their child’s teeth healthy and clean
  • Explains how it works in a clear and simple way
  • Reduces dental anxiety feelings
  • Keeps treatment cost predictable and affordable

We all know that maintaining good oral health starting at a young age, provides strong teeth that can last a lifetime. But most parents are unaware that infants aged 0 to 3 years can develop early childhood dental problems like caries and other harmful dental problems.

An infant's mouth should be cleaned daily, to ensure their developing teeth grow steadily and avoids tooth pain at a young age.

Would you like to know some healthy tips how to prepare your kid for a dentist visit? (Please scroll down)


We believe that Kids Dentistry

should be friendly, gentle, and ... fun!

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Let's make your child smile!

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Healthy tips how to prepare your son or daughter for a visit to our pediatric dental office in Calgary NE

Poor dental hygiene (tooth decay and cavities because of too much candy, or not brushing their teeth regularly) can lead too periodontal disease (gingivitis) issues like tooth pain, bleeding or swollen gums, tongue alterations, growths within the mouth, and deteriorating gums. What to do? It’s simple.

First of all: Start brushing and flossing three times per day after every meal. Visit your pediatric dentist Calgary NE to perform a thorough kids dental exam, and follow up on his/her recommendations. Dental treatment might be inevitable to take care of possible bacterial infection.

So again, let’s be honest… Making a trip to the dentist sound like fun is not easy.

Most parents are presented with some fierce unwillingness when they tell their kid that it’s time for a dental visit. When your child has dental anxiety symptoms, we can provide you with some healthy tips how to prepare your kid for a dentist visit.

That’s why it’s important to bring your kid in before the age of one year. This way, a Calgary NE pediatric (kids) dentist can start building trust, and teach lasting oral habits to help your kid keeping a clean, healthy mouth.

We often hear: “Why pediatric dentistry? When kids are older, they will understand better why dental health is important.”


Again, our experience tells us that providing preventative education and teaching good dental habits at the youngest age possible, will provide the best outcomes.We believe that pediatric (kids) dentistry should be clear, simple, safe, fun, and affordable. Yes, all that!

Becoming a successful pediatric dentist takes special people skills. Most importantly, it requires building a trustworthy relationship with both parent and child. That’s why our pediatric dental clinic Calgary NE feels more like a fun environment than a regular dental office. It will allow your kid to feel at ease. Just make an appointment and bring your child in for a dental visit. We promise we’ll make it as fun and educational as possible!


3 Simple Steps

to Get Started

Step 2

the difference.

Step 3

happy smiles!

Don't wait with dental visits until they have that 'attitude' ...

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  • Don’t give in to your kid's dental fear
  • End 'kids-dentistry' confusion
  • Avoid dental issues down the road
  • Stop the "I didn't know" issue
  • Forget about unexpected dental cost

Make a dentist visit a fun, learning event and see your kid smile again ...

peditaric kids dentist clgary north
  • Make it educational and fun
  • Experience absolute clarity
  • Achieve oral health for your kid - now
  • Enjoy dentist-visits without fear
  • Take control of dental cost

Make a Kids Dentistry appointment today!


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