Strong teeth: born from early prevention

Healthy teeth ensure you child’s speech develops normally; they can eat properly, and feel good about their smile.

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Infant Oral Exam
Your Infants first dentist appointment should be scheduled within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by the age of one.
Prevention Services
This service helps keep teeth healthy and prevent possible problems. Regular recall visits occur every 6 months.
Restoration Services
When we need to fix a tooth, our goal is to provide your child with the safest and most attractive filling possible.
Special Needs Dentistry
Our specially trained and skilled team uses specific management techniques to meet your child’s special needs.
Nitrous Oxide Sedation
A safe, effective, inhaled sedative used to calm a child’s fears and enhance effective communication between the patient and the doctor.
General Anesthesia
A treatment that puts you to sleep during medical procedures so you don’t feel or remember anything that happens.


Dr. Rory Vinsky
DMD, Cert. Pedo.Dr. Vinsky, has been a pediatric dentist in Calgary for over 22 years. He completed his specialty training in pediatric dentistry at the University of Connecticut in …
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Dr. Cameron M. Zealand
BSc(CE), MSc(Eng), BSc(Dent), DMD, Cert. Pedo, MS(Pedo), FRCD(C)Dr. Zealand, or Dr. Cam as he is called by the children he treats, is one of our 2 fun pediatric dentists. After spending 5 …
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This area is packed with facts and fun stuff to do to keep you smiling.


A pediatric dentist has an additional 2-3 years of specialized training to treat patients from birth – 18 years of age.


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