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That baby tooth has a cavity, but it's coming out anyways, right? Cavities can cause infection and damage to the surrounding teeth or roots. Taking action (even on baby teeth!) is the best remedy for teeth decay, or cracked/broken teeth. Not taking care of the issue now will undoubtedly lead to dental problems later.
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"Your kids' teeth could last a life-time. But only when you treat them well. Restorative dentistry for kids is not a luxury ...

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Kids restorative dentistry in Calgary North. Let's keep those pearly whites healthy!

Tooth decay is very common with children. Untreated cavities can cause pain, infection, gum disease, and major damage to permanent teeth. Immediate tooth restoration is recommended to avoid further tooth damage. North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry provides restorative dental services for kids of all ages.


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The most common restorative dental treatments are:

Dental Fillings

Not getting rid of tooth decay causes damage to the surrounding teeth, and eventually could lead to more serious  health issues and costly dental treatments. Neglecting to treat a cavity will result in tooth-sensitivity, discomfort, and pain, and it could also cause TMJ pain (misalignment of the jaw and bite).

Dental Crowns

When tooth decay has deteriorated the tooth to the point where a filling is no longer a treatment option, a dental crown is applied. A dental crown covers or “caps” the tooth and restores the original height, size, and shape. It also protects the tooth from breaking or cracking. A (kids) dental crown is usually applied in one appointment.

Tooth Extractions

When the tooth can’t be repaired (due to decay, dental trauma, or gum disease) it might be necessary to extract (pull) the tooth. Dental sedation is available to help your child through the extraction procedure. Ask our staff for more info to make treatment as painless as possible for your kid.

Dental Spacers

It's not uncommon for baby (primary) teeth to fall out earlier than expected because of disease or injury. In that case, ‘space maintainers’ (dental spacers) can be applied to prevent space-loss and to keep balance and strength between the permanent teeth. When spacers are not applied, teeth can grow in an unwanted (crooked) directions. It’s  far more cost effective let teeth grow into their normal position with a dental spacer than to move them back later with orthodontic treatment.

Pulp Therapy

The inner core of a tooth is called ‘pulp’. Dental cavities and damage to a tooth are the most common causes for the pulp to get affected. Pulp therapy treatment is provided to avoid the tooth from getting lost. Since the primary teeth function as the guides for the permanent teeth, children need them to ensure proper growth.

Take action now to avoid more pains and costs later on!

Restoring your child's teeth is more than worth it! Not treating a problem tooth will lead to more problems down the road... with all the financial consequences attached. Does your kid experience tooth pain? Please bring them in, we can help to restore your kids' teeth in a fast, effective, and affordable manner.

When you need restorative dentistry for kids in Calgary North, make an appointment today.


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