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When playing contact sports like hockey, soccer, baseball, boxing, etc., it's recommended to wear a kids mouth guard for sports at all times. They provide significant protection to your child's teeth, and the better a mouth guard fits, the more strength and protection it provides. Ask us about the process of making a custom fit mouthguard for your kids!
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"At what age should kids wear a sports mouth guard?"

kids sports mouth guard calgary ne nw

Kids who are active in sports, particularly contact sports, should wear a sports mouth guard to protect their teeth. Sports mouth guards are not just for teeth, however, they also protect the jawbones and soft facial tissues. Protecting kids’ teeth and jawbones is crucial, as damage from injuries can result in long term problems with the development of their adult teeth. But when should kids start wearing sports guards? Well, as soon as they start playing!

Why are kids’ sports guards important?

Kids can start learning to play contact sports as early as age 5, and the sports which involve the highest potential for teeth damage and injuries are: football, wrestling, boxing, soccer, rugby, and hockey, as well as some lower contact sports like baseball, volleyball, and basketball. Because hockey and lacrosse involve sticks, they rank the highest for potential facial and dental injuries.

In Calgary, Pee Wee hockey starts with an “Under 5” category, and there are hockey mouth guards for 5 year olds. Protecting teeth, jaws and soft tissues at a young age prevents costly dental repairs, as well as long term damage which leads to other dental problems down the road.


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"Can night guards be used as sports mouth guards for kids?"

In pediatric dentistry, a mouthguard is specifically used to help prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) at night during sleep. The purpose, shape and materials in a mouth guard are very different from sports mouth guards. Night guards are not designed to protect teeth and soft tissues from external blows and injuries, so they definitely shouldn't be doubling as a sports mouthguard for your young athletes.

kids sports mouth guard

Do kids need custom-made sports mouthguards?

Having young kids in sports can be expensive, and you might be considering buying a sport mouthguard from a pharmacy or online. These sports guards can be slightly molded to your child’s teeth by putting them in hot water, then molding them while they are soft in the mouth.

However, they rarely retain that shape, and they remain uncomfortable because they haven't been customized to fit your child’s exact teeth and mouth interior. Kids resist wearing sports guards if they're uncomfortable! Wouldn't you?

Custom kids sports mouthguards are created from a mold taken by a dentist and are made in a dental lab. This ensures that they are comfortable and more likely to be worn consistently by your kids. Learn how to take care and clean your mouth guard. 


Where can I get a custom kids sports mouthguard in Calgary NE?

At North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists can create custom sports mouth guards for you and the young athletes in your household. Creating mouth guards that fit is essential to making sure they are worn consistently, so that your kids can enjoy their sports activities safely. Consider a sports mouth guard as an important and necessary piece of sports equipment, just as important as a helmet.

If you have been searching for a "kids sports mouth guard near me"  or "best kids sports guard near me" look no further!  Dr. Cameron Zealand is also serving the communities of Beddington Heights, Huntingdon Hills, Country Hills, Country Hills Village, Harvest Hills, Panorama Hills,  Thorncliffe, Coventry Hills,  Edgemont, Arbour Lake, Ranchlands, Dalhousie, Brentwood, Tuxedo Park, Montgomery, Bowness, Silver Springs, Varsity, Evanston, Sage Hill, Simons Valley, Nolan Hill, Royal Vista, Skyview Ranch, Saddle Ridge, Martindale, Taradale, Falconridge, Temple, Vista Heights, Sunridge, Pineridge, Monterey Park and surrounding Calgary areas.


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Please realize, "sports-collisions" are always a matter of "when", not "if".

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kids sports mouth guard calgary

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