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Broken teeth? Hockey accident? Painful chewing? At any rate, don't wait! Waiting always makes things worse. Visit Dr. Zealand at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry to help alleviate your kids' oral aches and pains, letting them get back to just being kids. Call us now, or make an online appointment.
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5 signs your child is in a dental emergency

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Sometimes, children don't have the vocabulary or ability to let us know when something is deeply wrong and what exactly the cause of their distress is — especially when it comes to their dental health, where issues can be invisible on the surface level.

As a parent, wanting to immediately help your child feel better is a natural response. When the answer isn't readily clear, it can be as stress-inducing for you as it is for your child in pain.

1. Bad breath

Persistent, potent bad breath is often a sign of a tooth infection or decay, which your child can be enduring even if their teeth look perfectly fine.

Left untreated, the tooth will eventually discolour and can pose serious, potentially life-threatening danger. It's critical to seek treatment early on if your child has ongoing halitosis.

2. Relentless rubbing

Children may experience referred pain where the source of their issue is different from where they feel the pain it is causing.

With a cracked tooth, tooth infections and toothaches, pain commonly refers into the cheeks and jawline, where your child may relentlessly rub in an attempt to self-soothe. 

In some cases, this occurs because food is lodged between their teeth, exerting uncomfortable pressure. If the rubbing persists after its removal and you notice any tooth discolouration, treat this as a kids dental emergency in Calgary, NE and seek treatment immediately.

3. Avoiding eating

What you might perceive as an act of defiance or a picky taste palette might actually be your child avoiding putting pressure on a sore tooth. Check their mouth and gums for swelling and bleeding. Seek treatment right away if you observe these abnormalities or if this behaviour carries on, despite not seeing anything of alarm.

4. Spots on teeth

Brown or black spots on teeth are cause for concern as they can signal infections, cavities and potentially the development of gingivitis. Take your child to see a kids dental emergency specialist in Calgary, NE, right away to prevent the damage from worsening. 

5. Sleep issues

Tooth pain can make it incredibly difficult to sleep. If your child has been struggling with bedtime, has emotional outbursts during the night or is tossing and turning, they might be battling a painful dental emergency.

If they are showing any of the signs above, take them in for treatment right away to stop more serious and costly consequences from occurring. Help your child get back on their feet so they can get back to running around and being their full selves!

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"Kids dental emergency? Please don't wait. Waiting always makes things worse ..."

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