3 Simple Ways To Clean A Kids Sports Mouth Guard

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If your children play sports, it's more than likely that they need to wear a kids sports mouth guard to keep their teeth safe and their head in the game!

If your children frequently engage in physical activity, it's highly recommended that they have a secure form of dental protection.

As providers of kids sports mouth guards in Calgary, NE, we're here to support you in protecting your child’s teeth — and to help educate our pediatric dental patients about how to take care of their kids’ sports guards.

At our kids dental clinic, we design kids sports mouth guards in Calgary, NE, for optimal protection. With that said, it's very important to clean your kids sports mouth guards to prevent potential dental damage from occurring due to bacteria build-up!

Sports guards are porous. This means that, like a toothbrush, kids sports mouth guards can hold onto bacterial plaque and food debris.

Not cleaning a sports guard can increase your child's risk of developing gum disease and infections. However, this is thankfully avoidable with a simple cleaning routine.

Check out the following 3 easy ways you can clean your kid's sports mouth guard for a healthy smile on and off the field:

1. Clean sports guard with a toothbrush

Use a designated toothbrush separate from your child's regular toothbrush to brush every nook and cranny of their mouth guard after use. Kids sports mouth guards made at our Calgary, NE dental clinic are designed to fit as comfortably as possible over your child's teeth.

This means that the grooves and molding of the guard are detailed. Ensure to take proper care and brush into the detailing versus just gliding over it.

We recommend using a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive, fluoride toothpaste for this process. Bacteria build-up can also be reduced if your child brushes their teeth before wearing their sports guard. 

2. Store mouth guard in a dry place

Harmful forms of bacteria thrive in wet environments. After your child is finished wearing their sports guard, and after you have cleaned it, pat it dry with a clean cloth or towel.

Once that is complete, it should be stored in a ventilated case that allows for adequate air circulation. This is to ensure that it dries out.

In the excitement of the moment, it's very easy for kids to forget about their sports guard. They might take it out and put it down on a bench, on the grass, etc.

Helping them get into the habit of either handing it over to you or returning it to its case can further promote better sports guard hygiene and oral hygiene as a whole!

Of course, this means that the sports guard case itself will also need to be cleaned every few days. Gentle dish soap and warm water can do the trick.

Avoid putting both the case AND the mouth guard in the dishwasher, as this can contort and break-down their shape!

3. Weekly deep cleans the sports guard

Over-the-counter rinses and soaks are available to give your kid's sports mouth guard a deep clean. We recommend doing this at least once a week. Be sure to closely follow the instructions of the specific product you choose to prevent damaging the mouth guard.

Your kids dentist in Calgary, NE, can offer specific suggestions as far as cleaning product brands and methods for ideal results.

Combined with a great cleaning routine, a custom kids sports mouth guard made in Calgary, NE, can make a significant difference in your child's oral health.

From decreasing the risk of breaking or cracking teeth to keeping their teeth fresh on the field, contact us today for kids dental solutions in Calgary, NE!


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