5 Fun Tips to Make Your Kid's Dentist Visit a Breeze

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"How do you get your child to enjoy going to the dentist?"

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes, it’s downright impossible! Many kids dread going to the dentist due to fears of pain or just bad memories of past experiences.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to help kids learn how to smile through their dentist visits and ensure that they will actually look forward to their next visit!

Here are 5 fun tips to make your kid's dentist visit a breeze!

1. Talk About The Kids Dentist visit (Calgary NE & NW) and Ask Questions

Talk about what’s going to happen before your child goes in. If you talk about it, your child will likely feel more comfortable. It also can make them less afraid of what’s coming next when they’re at the dentist office.

Don’t be scared of asking questions—your child won’t think you are being silly or overprotective for asking. You don't have to ask every question that comes into your head, but if there is something you want clarity on, feel free to ask!

Specialized pediatric dentists like Dr Zealand and Dr Vinsky at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry can make them feel more comfortable to alleviate some of that anxiety.

2. Don't Threaten (it doesn't work)

There’s a good chance that your child is terrified at the prospect of going to see their pediatric dentist. No one likes trips to have cavities filled and teeth pulled, but if your kid can overcome his or her fear, there are ways you can reduce some of that pain and dread.

Take note: If you threaten your kid with harm—physical or emotional—you’re going about it all wrong.

3. Make 'em Feel Comfortable

Let's be honest. Dental visits can be scary for kids and grown-ups alike. Going into an unfamiliar place where people will poke and prod your mouth—exactly: Yikes! It’s easy for children to feel anxious about dental visits, so it’s important for them to be familiar with their pediatric dentist Calgary NE before their first appointment.

It's your job to ... make 'em feel comfortable. Ensure that your kid is not hungry. Let them wear comfy clothing. Crack some jokes to make them feel relaxed. Get them in a good mood. Really important!

4. Always be Positive About Their Pediatric Dentist Yourself

Kids learn by mimicking others, and that’s why it’s important that you are positive about your own dentist visits. Always be calm, always be cool and always be collected when you visit your dentist.

If they see how happy you are with your routine, chances are they will want to get in on all of it.

5. Praise Good Behaviour

Instead of having your child sit in his/her chair with their arms crossed while they look at their cell phone, make it a point to praise good behaviour. This can come in any number of forms. For example, if your child is acting well and listens closely when you explain what needs to be done before they are allowed into their chair, give them some attention—it’s hard not to like attention.

You can go as far as calling up other patients waiting for their appointment and asking if they would be willing for your child (or whoever is acting well) to read out loud for a couple of minutes!

A kids dentist visit in North Calgary can be made fun, if you want it to be fun.

Make a FUN appointment today!

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