At North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that the foundation of a healthy adult smile is built during childhood. Calgary pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Zealand, affectionately known as Dr. Cam by his young patients, brings over 20 years of dedicated pediatric dental care to Calgary's families. Before entering the field of pediatric dentistry, Dr. Zealand worked in petroleum engineering but soon found his true calling in dentistry where he could combine his love for science with his passion for mentoring youth. Today, Dr. Zealand is renowned for his ability to create a welcoming and educational environment for children and their parents alike.

Common Dental Problems in Children

Children are susceptible to a range of dental issues, some of which are due to habits, while others are related to hygiene or genetics. Understanding these common problems can help parents prevent and address dental issues early.

1. Tooth Decay (Cavities)
 The most prevalent dental problem in children is tooth decay. Cavities occur when sugar-laden foods and beverages interact with bacteria in the mouth to produce acid that attacks tooth enamel. Regular dental check-ups at a kids dentist in Calgary, like Dr. Zealand, can catch cavities early, often preventing them from becoming more severe.

2. Gum Disease
 While less common in children than adults, gum disease can occur as early as infancy. This condition is often the result of poor oral hygiene leading to plaque buildup along the gumline. Symptoms include bleeding gums, swelling, and redness. Early intervention by a pediatric dentist in Calgary can help manage and reverse gum disease.

3. Dental Emergencies
 Children are incredibly active, which sometimes leads to dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth, fractures, or chips. Dr. Zealand emphasizes the importance of seeking immediate care at a dentist for children in Calgary to improve the chances of saving the tooth and preventing further damage.

4. Tooth Misalignment and Bite Problems
 Misalignments, often noticeable as children's permanent teeth come in, can affect their bite and overall oral health. Issues such as overcrowding, crossbites, overbites, or underbites may be identified early by a skilled pediatric dentist like Dr. Zealand, who can refer parents to an orthodontist if necessary.

5. Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use
 These common habits in infants and toddlers can significantly impact the alignment of teeth and the shape of the mouth if they continue beyond the age of three. Dr. Zealand provides parents with strategies to help their children break these habits before they lead to long-term dental issues.

6. Sensitivity
 Tooth sensitivity is another issue that can affect children, often due to thin enamel or tooth decay. If a child complains about pain when consuming hot or cold foods, it may be time to visit a pediatric dentist in Calgary for evaluation and treatment.

Preventative Care and Treatment at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry
Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to dental health. Dr. Zealand and his team focus heavily on educating both parents and children on effective oral hygiene practices. Regular check-ups, professional cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants are part of the comprehensive care offered at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry to prevent common dental problems.

If treatment is necessary, Dr. Zealand uses his expertise and the latest technology to provide gentle and effective care. From fillings and crowns to emergency dental care, each treatment plan is tailored to meet the unique needs of each young patient.

Your Child Deserves the Best Dental Care

At North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that every child deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Cameron Zealand's extensive experience and compassionate approach make him a trusted pediatric dentist in Calgary. If you're seeking a dedicated and caring kids' dentist in Calgary, look no further than Dr. Zealand and his team.

Don't wait for dental issues to arise. Schedule an appointment today at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry and let us take part in fostering your child's dental health.

Visit us online at or call to book your visit and experience why Dr. Zealand is loved by kids and parents alike in Calgary. Let's give your child a reason to smile brightly every day!

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