Is Pediatric Dental Sedation in Calgary

Safe for My Kid?

Understanding and empathizing with the fear and anxiety that both children and parents often feel toward dental visits, Dr. Cameron Zealand, the owner of North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, sheds light on a compassionate and effective solution. "As a pediatric dentist, I see the apprehension in my little patients and their parents. But with the right attitude, the right words, and the right actions, we can transform the dental visit into a positive experience," he assures.

One such effective solution in the realm of pediatric dental care Calgary is pediatric dental sedation, particularly the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen, commonly known as 'laughing gas for kids’.

Understanding Pediatric Dental Sedation: Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen

Pediatric dental sedation in Calgary can be a safe and efficient way to ensure that dental procedures are comfortable and stress-free for children. Nitrous oxide/oxygen, or 'laughing gas', is a sedative agent that is inhaled through a fitted mask placed over the nose. It's a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and its uptake occurs through the lungs as the child breathes normally. This form of sedation is renowned for its safety and effectiveness in calming nervous or stressed children during dental procedures.

The Safety of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen in Calgary

Often referred to as the safest option for 'sedation for children's dental' procedures, nitrous oxide/oxygen boasts several advantages. It has a rapid onset and is entirely reversible. The concentration can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of each child, and it is non-allergenic. One of the key benefits is that while under the influence of this 'laughing gas', children remain fully conscious and retain all natural reflexes. They can respond to questions or requests, making it a controlled and safe environment for pediatric dental procedures.


Precautions for Using Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of 'laughing gas for kids', certain precautions should be taken:

  • Fasting Before the Procedure: It is advisable not to give your child any food within the two hours preceding the dental visit. This precaution minimizes the risk of nausea or vomiting, which can occur if the child has a full stomach.
  • Respiratory Conditions: If your child has a respiratory condition that makes breathing through the nose difficult, it's crucial to inform the pediatric dentist. Such conditions can limit the effectiveness of nitrous oxide/oxygen.
  • Medication Disclosure: Inform the dentist about any medication your child is taking on the day of the appointment, as it may interact with the sedation.

Dr. Cameron Zealand, pediatric dentist in Calgary:
"I want to emphasize the importance of professional expertise in administering pediatric dental sedation in Calgary. Parents searching for 'pediatric dentist sedation near me' should know that at our practice, we have the expertise, experience, and the specific training needed to handle children in such an environment safely. I'd like to stipulate to parents, that the administration of 'laughing gas for kids' and other forms of 'anesthesia for children's dental Calgary' procedures are carried out with the utmost care."

"Please reach out and make an appointment if you believe your child requires dental sedation in Calgary. Our goal is not just to provide dental care but to do so in a way that ensures the child's comfort and safety. We're here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide a positive dental experience for your child. Let's turn that dental fear into a dental cheer, it IS possible!”

If you're looking for a 'pediatric dentist sedation near me', look no further than North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry, where the combination of expertise, compassion, and advanced pediatric dental sedation techniques like 'laughing gas for kids' ensures that your child's dental experience is as positive and stress-free as possible.

Make an appointment today at North Calgary Pediatric Dentistry!

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