Just for kids

You’re never too young to start learning how to keep your teeth strong and healthy. This section is packed with facts and fun stuff to do to keep you smiling.

About Your Teeth

Tooth chart for kids


Tips for Healthy Teeth

  • Ask your dental hygienist to teach you how to brush and floss the right way.
  • The sugar in food can cause cavities (holes) in your teeth so you should always brush after eating. Choose snacks with less sugar in between meals. An apple or carrot is a better choice than candy or chocolate.
  • Let your parents and dentist know if you have a sore mouth. The dentist can tell if there is a problem tooth that needs fixing.

The Story of the Tooth Fairy

In Canada, many children place their lost baby teeth under their pillows at night. While they sleep, the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and replaces it with a small gift or some money.

Families around the world have different customs when their children lose baby teeth.

France: It’s La Petite Souris (the little mouse) that takes a child’s tooth exchanging it for money.

Japan: Children throw lost baby teeth from the lower jaw onto the roof and ones from the upper jaw underneath the house. They do this with the hope of teeth growing in straight.

Italy: Children hold on to lost baby teeth as a keepsake.

Mexico: Children put lost baby teeth into a special box and leave it at their bedside for El Raton (Magic Mouse) to take it in exchange for money.

Costa Rica: The lost tooth gets made into a gold earring.