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"Does my child need orthodontics?"

It is not uncommon that baby (primary) teeth fall out earlier than expected because of disease or injury. In that case, ‘space maintainers’ (dental spacers) can be applied to prevent space loss and to keep the balance and strength between the permanent teeth. 

When spacers are not applied, teeth can grow in an unwanted (crooked) directions. Obviously it’s more cost effective to keep teeth growing to their normal position with a dental spacer, than to move them back later on with orthodontic treatment.

Q1: What is interceptive orthodontics?

We monitor your child’s dental growth and development for any abnormalities or potential problems. When problems arise, we may use the following interceptive techniques:

  • Disking or shaving baby teeth to make them narrower to help align teeth
  • Selective baby tooth removal
  • Minor jaw expansion to correct posterior cross-bites
  • Selective tooth repositioning and space regaining.
  • Use of appliances that discourage behaviours that lead to bite changes (such as prolonged finger sucking habits or tongue thrusts)


Interceptive orthodontics 

Different appliances are sometimes needed to correct a thumb-sucking habit, anterior open bite, anterior/posterior cross bite, posterior space loss and the need for space regaining. During your child’s examination, the doctor will discuss with you whether this procedure is right for your child.


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